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hi people i completely understand wat every one is going through. i am too suffering from this virus which cant be gotten rid of. i treat myself with homeopathic medicines which are the only ones that can help get cured from this virus. i have not been very regular in the treatment but i get my outbreak only once a year now and i immediately start with the medicines and it get cured almost immediately. had i been regualr in taking my pills i could have cured myself.

but for all my friends who would want to try this alternative medicine which has no side effect you could get in touch with Dr.Rashid Wadia based out of Colaba Mumbai India. he is very famous and his medicines are courired abroad too.

trust me your life can be free from GH and from these chemicals, synthetic medicines with countless side effects.

take care.................

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How do I get in touch with the doctor you mention? and what is the treatment? i wish you elaborated a little more on this


This sounds like a scam to push a supplement
From some unknown online doctor. What are the ingredients? Be careful with this one.

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