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Gorilla Glue! Gorilla Glue! Use Gorilla Glue to suffocate plantar warts. I learned that on this site. THANK YOU

June 11, My 7yo son was diagnosed with a wart on the ball of his foot. By July 1, it was noticeably gone. It had been there at least a month. We thought it was a callous.

(Remember to always wash your hands after dealing with the wart.)

We tried:
- duct tape and OTC wart remover as his MD suggested. Tape wouldn't stay on his foot. The OTC wart remover liquid turned to jelly within 2 days of using it AND it burned out the skin around the wart. Did nothing to the callous covering the wart.

- soaked his feet in bleach water. I knew that would kill germs and soften the callous.

- filed the callous with disposable emery board daily for first few days

- covered with clear nail polish when I realized the duct tape wouldn't stay

- covered white vinegar soaked cotton ball with bandage and put on hit foot. I think this turned the callous white and softened much more.

- always kept a water proof bandage on it even though they would fall off, too

I did all of this during the first 2 weeks! I was very diligent and frustrated that this would probably take 6-8 weeks to be gone!

FINALLY, I tried Gorilla Glue (not the super glue version) with the clog free top. I applied it on a Tuesday of the 3rd week. Let it dry then covered with bandage. Removed both carefully Thursday night. It seemed like the wart was gone. But, I reapplied. When we removed the bandage on Sunday night, the glue was stuck to it. We carefully pulled both off and there was definitely a small hole but not deep. I put antibacterial cream on it for the night. Following morning, I covered it again with glue just in case. Days later, we know it's gone. There is no hard knot inside his foot.

If this happens again, I will condense the treatment to the following:
- soak foot in bleach water for 20 minutes
- File the callous
- Soak a tiny cotton ball in white vinegar and attach with bandage for as long as he can take it
- Cover the wart with Gorilla Glue then a bandage. But, bandage probably isn't needed.
- A few days later, remove glue carefully and repeat the steps above until it's gone.

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Hey Dawn just want to verify what type of Gorilla glue you used.I thought this stuff was heavy duty but yet you were able to pull it off? My daughter is suffering from a big wart on the side of her toe and I want to try this.


Thank you for putting a post used on a child. My daughter is three, and while it sounds like acv works great, there is no way that would fly with her. I am on my way out to buy gorilla glue, and since this planter wart is new hopefully, it will work.


This is a late follow up to the question:

I believe it's the regular glue.
I have 100% waterproof, 'incredibly strong' Gorilla Glue. It's labeled 'For the toughest jobs on planet Earth.' This one has the new anti-clog cap. (That's always helpful.)

Still no return of the wart either. Thank God!


And to clarify, yes, I was able to pull off the glue with a bit of skin/ wart attached. It peeled off and did not hurt him at all. I also let the glue dry for about 10 minutes before adding the bandage.

Each day, our skin grows and stretches. Nothing I can think of can stay attached to it forever. BUT, if the glue/bandage is resistant, wait another 2 days.


I went and got the glue. A small 2 oz bottle. The glue is amber colored. Is that the right kind?


I believe you have the correct bottle.
I tried to include a link but this site won't allow it.

Go to gorillatough .com
Click on Glues.
Click on 2 oz Anti-Clog Cap.
This is what I used.


Hi Dawn, how long did you wait for the glue, to dry is it normal for the glue to bubble?


I see these are old posts and i just came across them, noticed no one on here that was asking questions ever came back to tell their story of what happened when they tried this glue on their warts. Curious of the results. Could someone please explain which glue there are many types and what happened when you tried it ? Theres original , white and clear??



So I saw this thread and thought I'd give it a try. About a month ago, I had two small warts on my left hand, and one small wart on my right hand. They'd been there for a few months, but weren't too bad. On my right foot, I had two calloused warts on my sole and a deep wart on my toe that had been there for years. I had tried multiple remedies to get rid of them but none worked.

What I did was apply a thin layer of gorilla glue (if it is too thick, then it will not dry completely and will peel off in the shower or when snagged on something). Once the glue dried, I coated it with clear nail polish just to seal it off and then put a band aid on top when that dried. For my feet, I used athletic tape just because it would stick the best for me. I left that on as long as I could, usually around 2-3 days. After two weeks, the warts on my left hand were gone (after a few rounds I clipped them off with nail clippers and they have not returned) and I had gotten past the callouses on my foot warts.

To treat the foot warts, I would file them after every round of glue. I took the glue off before my shower or bath so the warts were soaked and I could get as much dead skin off as possible. Eventually, I was down to new skin on the warts, and I filed them. They started bleeding, so I decided to soak a cottonball in Apple Cider Vinegar overnight. When I took it off in the morning, all the blood had turned black. I put the glue/nail polish/tape on that morning and left it on for 3 and a half days, and when I took it off again they were all black. I took a pair of tweezers and dug at them and all three came out completely and have not returned.

Now, for the one on my right hand, I filed it and was preparing to put the glue on, but in the process it started bleeding, so I put apple cider vinegar on it overnight. The blood turned black, so I decided to leave it alone. 4 days later, I clipped it with fingernail clippers and it came completely off, pain-free.

Hopefully this helps people who see this. I used original brown gorilla glue, and I have tried standard super glue in the past. This kind sticks onto skin the best.

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