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I have had a severe case of Poison Ivy/Sumac the past week, and have read through the remedy's on this page and tried many - dishwasher soadp, vicks, severe rubbing/bleach. Not only did none of them provide any long term relief, I think the scrubbing caused an infection and likely spread to other parts of my body. I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday. He prescribed steroids and 2.5% hydro cream (prescription only). In 24 hours I feel better, even though the ugly red sores are still very present. Please see a doctor wherever possible and get presciptions. I agree store bought medicines are not that helpful.

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How sad you are unable to treat a simple skin infection. You are the kind of person that drives up the insurance costs because you refuse to learn simple ways to maintian your own health.

I doubt the visit to the doctor did much more than a palcebol. The doctor could have presctibed blue water and you would have felt instantly better.


That was a tad bit RUDE! A person is only responsible for them selves. If they want to go to a doctor you shouldn't beat them up for it. What a JERK!!!!


I agree with the you in one way yes it was a tad bit rude, however this webpage is dedicated to finding home remedies. The reason they come here is they don't want to go to the doctors. For me I don't want to spend $120 (No insurance)for doc visit and shots when there are cheaper ways and hopefully more healthy options. Tell us to go to the doctor on this site...well not really using your head.


Getting prescriptions for everything weakens your immune system. That's why people that go to the doctor for every sniffle are always getting sick, their body doesn't know how to fight off anything by itself anymore.
I was on antibiotics for acne as a teen and when I stopped taking them I was sick more often than not for 2-3 years, but didn't go to the doctor because I knew my immune system needed time to strengthen itself, and now I'm rarely sick anymore.
That being said, I have been on Prednisone many times for poison ivy because it used to just get worse and worse. The last couple of times I got it, it was just a few small patches that did clear up on their own. Right now I have it from my forehead down to my ankles and I'm going to give it a few days and see what happens.


I totally agree with not going to the doctors. I never do. And, If left untreated and untouched, just have to put up with some itching, it goes away in 5 days. I know, I get poison ivy all the time.

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