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Alka Seltzer cures bladder infections. Take 2 tablets - pain and symtoms will disappear almost immediately. I did this 4 years ago and haven't had one since.

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I had cystitis on and off for around 3 weeks which turned into a chronic bladder infection a week ago. My doctor is closed and away for a week so l can't get antibiotics and have been riding out the pain. I have taken pain killers, cranberry tablets, cystitis sachets, drunk cranberry juice, given up all citrus and wine, but nothing has worked or helped ease the pain. Luckily l googled home remedies today and found your post. As soon as l had the alka setzer tablets l felt instant relief. The infection is still lurking but at least now l am more comfortable and can hold out until Monday for antibiotics. Thanks for the tip, will be going back to the pharmacy to let the girs know so they can spread the word.


Just took 2 tablets I hope it works! I've been fighting a battle against bladder infections almost my whole life and absolutely hate going to the Dr when I'm in this much pain if this work I want to thank you very much!!


Omg, thank you so much !! I'm not a medicine taker, but I wanted the pain to go away. Got up out my bed,ran to the nearest convenient store. Got home a drank the whole cup.. Thought I was going to gag, but I didn't. No bad tasting..anyhow... It WORKED so fast....within mins. Thank you so very much !!


The only cure I know of for a urinary tract infection (UTI) is antibiotic therapy. Alka seltzer is mainly made up of aspirin and citric acid, both of which are not a treatment for UTI. Since it is a pain reliever, this may take the burning on urination pain away, making someone think that their infection is gone.

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