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Alka Seltzer cures bladder infections. Take 2 tablets - pain and symtoms will disappear almost immediately. I did this 4 years ago and haven't had one since.

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pacific northwest

I had a pretty bad yeast infection about a month ago,along with the ointments and drinking A LOT!!!!!!!!! of water,probably 8 to 10 bottles,cut the sugar out for a week ,tried the alkaselzer tablets in water,almost instantly,the pain & itch gone!!.. I just tried it 5 min, ago for a bad bladder inf. on top of the butt load of water I have drank and I hope it will give the same relief. it's exhausting this pain.I let you know if this works as well.


I have bad bladder infection and it causes really bad back pain which is followed by vomiting....the pain can last anywhere from 3hrs to 5 this the type of infect,ion. Your treating with an alkaseltzer?? I ask because I have no insurance right now and am trying to deal with this on my own ...HELP!?


praying this works.... just took 2 tablets... I don't want to go get antibiotics..


Tried this just now, started to work almost immediatly. Hasn't worked completely yet but I can definitely tell a difference and I'm sooooo much more comfortable. Thanks so much for this tip, most definitely worth a try.!


what kind to take?


I'm stuck in Kuala Lumpur with a killer urine infection, the blood and pain is terrifying. It started yesterday on the first day of my travels and i hoped to just flush it through with water and fruit juice but after a sleepless night and countless trips to the bathroom i am ready to try anything. Moving from a crouched position by the toilet seems completely impossible right now. so the owner of my hostel has gone to the pharmacy to get me some alka seltzer and vitamin c and i hope hope hope this works because right now i just feel awful. will post later with an update.


Yesterday i took three alka seltzer and 2 paracetamol, the pain was much easier to deal with but i don't think it cleared the infection. I managed to buy over the counter azithromycin antibiotics (2 per day) and 'Ural' effervescent granules which contain 1.76g of sodium bicarbonate, barbaric acid 890mg and sodium citrate anhydrous 720mg and must take 4 sachets per day. I have also taken 2000mg of vitamin c, drank my body weight in fruit and vegetable juice. I still have some discomfort but the urgency to see is not so bad anymore and i'm able to walk again.


I ran out and bought some immediately after reading this and just took two an praying it works bc this is misery I will write back once I know


As promised I'm checking back in and wanted to say thanks ! Worked instantly thank God!!!


This is the first time that ive had a UTI. Man ive never felt this much pain for down below. After search the web I found this out. I took two packes of alka seltzer plus, I didnt even finish the glass an instantly I could feel relief. Thanks.

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