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Alka Seltzer cures bladder infections. Take 2 tablets - pain and symtoms will disappear almost immediately. I did this 4 years ago and haven't had one since.

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Took two tablets it water and pressure eased up big time!! Worked till I got my prescription filled! Would def use this remedy again if I ever had to!


I am on vacation at the beach with my family. I was so sick with this that I couldn't move the urge was so bad and the pain was awful. I drank two glasses of cranberry juice and my husband gave my two tablets of Alka a 1/2 hour I was pain free and felt sooooo much better. As a paramedic, I know that the PH balance has something to do with it and the Sodium Bicarb, along with the Vitamin C and the Alkaline of the Cranberry all play a roll. It works. Totally helped.


Does it matter if the Alka Seltzer is lemon lime flavored? I felt an infection coming on yesturday,but i thought it was a yeast infection. Drank a lot of water,like an 8oz. glass every 15min. to a half hour,and peed a lot (hello), got up this morning ,went to the bathroom and about a one hour later,all over again.I also read that if you drink anything high in acid,it will make it worse.


How bad was the infection when you did the Alka-Seltzer?


I've had a bladder infection on and off my whole life. I've had it for a year and a half. The doctor said there's nothing wrong but sometimes the pains so bad I can't walk.I've got to the point where I'm scared to go toilet because I can't handle the pain. I'm going to get some of them alka seltzer things today and hopefully it will work as its had a lot of positive feedback. Thankyou for the post about it I hope it works!


I tried the baking soda and water, and taking vitamin C pills and it seemed to help a bit and then I tried two alka seltzers in a glass of pure cranberry juice, no sugar added and i am surprised at how fast and well it worked


What type of Alka-Seltzer, regular? I have some but it's for cold :P I had bladder infection couuple of weeks ago and doctor prescribed antibiotics for one week and it worked but it's coming back again :/


I haven't had a UTI in over 18 yrs. Just started feeling it coming on the other day and now today it is brutal. Started searching web for home remedies and found this about alka seltzer. I was so uncomfortable and had nothing else to try. Amazing!! Within minutes I felt relief. Thank you!!!


I had a really bad bladder infection for a week this worked so fast i couldn't believe it TAHNK U.


I get bladder infections ALL the time and almost always at a time when I can't get to the doctor right away. This REALLY helped with the pain in about 30 min. Unfortunately I still think I will have to visit the dr in the morning because I don't feel cured and it didn't help much with the urgency but I'll at least get some relief to sleep tonight! Thanks!! This was extremely helpful!

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