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Alka Seltzer cures bladder infections. Take 2 tablets - pain and symtoms will disappear almost immediately. I did this 4 years ago and haven't had one since.

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I took three doses and still had an infection. Perhaps on a mild one it will work. Did not work for me.


do i take the alka seltzer with water meaning to i put them in water ??


Does it help for Group b strep bladder infection?


Immediately after I read your comment (about three hours into feeling the symptoms of a bladder infection) i dissolved 2 alka seltzer in water/drank it. I felt better minutes later. Amazing. Thanks.


Could you tell me what toe of all a seltzer do I buy?


Oh my goodness you were right two alka seltzers in a large glass of water work. Thank you for the info :)


After reading your post, I took two Alka Seltlers and was fine within minutes. I took the night one so they put me to sleep. Woke up today feeling better. THANKS!!!!!


OMG what a life saver. It worked and worked fast.


I did this and it helped the pain a bit but when the medicine wore off, the pain was back. It didn't cure anything. I had to see the doctor.


Just took two tabs with water. Hope it works. I am at the very start or this infection so hopefully since I caught it early it goes away.

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