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ACV Treatment (Apple Cider Vinegar)
**Soak in a bath for 5-10 mins**
**then swab with light peroxide**
**Soak a cotton swab with ACV**
**lightly swab with Peroxide when done**
((i had 4 small dot like warts and one large one the size of two pencil erasers together))

Day 1 - started treatment had ACV on for 2hrs--result soft white tint no irratation

Day 2 - ACV for 2.5hrs-- result smaller dots turned balck larger one was 1/4th black, mild irratation

Day 3 - ACV 2hrs pressed into warts slightly until stinging was felt-- smaller dots got soft and fell off when swabbed with peroxide larger one became fully black and 2/3 fell off. moderate irratation

Day 4- no treatment- the rest fell off in the pre bath soak. no irratation or swelling of the area.

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I fallowed this one and everything worked like it said, but mine took a bit longer. i also found that pressing on the cotton swab like it said made it work faster. Hope this helps!!


Should I try this even if I don't know for sure that I have GW?


What kind of bath. Does the bath have ACV in it?


no avc in bath just warm hot water

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