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Well we all know the best remedy is to get the tooth extracted but we cannot do it while its hurting.
The week leading up to my grandmother's funeral, i got a mild toothache which is very uncomfortable and embarrassing...this is what i did...
1) Brush teeth thoroughly using Sensodyne toothpaste
2) Gargle with some vanilla
3) Take a small peice of cotton, dab it into some white rum (jamaican brand which is strong) then stick it into the hole in ur tooth, then, using your index finger, rub some of the rum around the affected tooth!
Avoid eating for a little while and ull b great!!!

Asap, make that dentist appointment!!

Also, to help with the pain after the extraction, buy this tube of cream called BONJELA which can be found at most drug store!!!

Goodluck guys!!

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Sensodyne tooth paste does work yes yes try it work fast 1 hr or more

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