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Cut a lime and dip the inside part in salt and scrub the infected area (tingles a little) after that rince the infected area with water and apply Blue Cream can be purchased at your local drug store. Ive had ringworm twice and this helped. you can also use hydrocortisone cream. the key thing you want to do is to dry that pesky worm away.

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Does the brun lime really work?


Lot rim anti funnel powder spray. Clears it up in 2 daya


Im a mother of three boys. They all have ring worms. Its all their first time having it. I would advise seeing a doctor. Because even if you get rid of it externally..its in your blood stream as well thats y they prescribe an atiboitic as well as a cream called clotrimazole


I had gotten ringworm the beginning of January. I have been very persistent on eradicating it. I used antifungal lotrimin for ringworm and applied twice a day! I also used caldesene powder to help the itch. Because I read it was a fungus I stopped eating sugar and changed my diet, no sugar or processed foods. I believe candida in your system has a lot to do with it. I also bought some kyolic garlic for candida intestinal cleanse along with bactrex by systemic formula, plus probiotics. Drink lots of water.

It has been working after about two weeks I could see where the fungus was lessening. I changed and was my clothes everyday and never used the same towels. I also feel better and have a lot more energy. Being persistent is the key. Don’t give up. I’m still using the cream and the powder, it has not totally gone but it is way better then it was. Thanks for all the information and the tips on how to get rid of it.

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The Lime method mentioned seems quite interesting and if it helps with the itching i would definately try it. Its 3/19/17 and my first encounter with it was about a year ago. I wrestled in highschool and thats where i got it. I been going to the doctor and i use Clotramizole 1\\% creams, 100\\% pure tea tree oil, and Gelmicin (a mexican cream). The tea tree oil seemed to work well but i still have it. It has gone away but returned in different areas even after continuous applying after visibility of it is no longer there. My very last option would be bleach to kill it quick because that is what fellow wrestlers have done so im willing to try the bleach method


A ringworm is actually not a is called ringworm because of the shape rash is actually a fungal infection simular to athletes foot

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