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Last year,5 days before christmas just got off from working in a cold warehouse my left top wisdom tooth starts chipping developing a crater. I called in to work the next day knowing the coldness will make it much worst not thinking to use any medication or seek medical help, I suffer. Just trying the usuals (orajel, anbesol, listerine, and peroxide) nothing worked for this trauma even tylenol and Bayer had a short term effect. Another day went by 'No Better'I was grumpy and in severe pain saying 'This Christmas Suck' then it got sooo bad it escalated into an ear infection and that over-the-counter ear-ache medicine does nothing but make it worst. My husband supplied me with a Heat-pad it work miracles and puts you to sleep and relaxes your nerves til it cools and the pain returns. Time passes til christmas eve came I was in Terrible shape. My parents were concerned with my health so they decided to get hold of a dentist they knew (which I had no Insurance)But he was away on holiday 'No hope'. So they found a clinic in the middle of nowhere it was about to close for christmas and Just so happen one of their church members was a doctor there and she gave me two antibotic shots,I say those didn't hurt as bad as my face did. After the medicine kicked in she provided 3 presciptions (Tylenol 3,Ibuprofin,and penicillin)I gave her a huge Hug she saved my christmas, which she told me remedies only work so long but abcess can lead to worst unstable conditions like heart failure or Death. So if it doesn't clear up within 5 days Please seek medical attention. Also a Dentist can't extract it til the swelling is reduced and abcess is cleared out. Send my prayers out to all that suffers this horrible faith.
'God Bless'

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