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Marsha in Oklahoma

Lavender oil.. I keep it in a little
roller bottle, roll it on when I first
feel the chigger chew. It does the
bugger in & pick off with tweasers.
When the tormenting itches act up, rub
it on again. Had hundreds of the evil
ones get me tonight. I soak in the salt
bath/sometimes the apple vineger.
Started putting the neem oil on the dogs..Why do those nasty,nasty arachnid
chiggers always get you at the very worst places.

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My REMEDY for CHIGGERS.....right when you first notice an itch, get white medical tape, the tape in the round metal tin that you can buy at most doller stores, cut off a small piece,place it over the red spot, press hard on it a few times and pull it and the chigger right off. Instant relief! My grandmother taught me that one. She called them red bugs because you can see a very tiny red dot on the white tape. Thats how you know you got it off.

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