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Christabel elewke

Make use of ur early morning urine(dats d 1st urine u have when u wake up),wash ur face with it n alow it 2 dry then after 2-3 mins .wash ur face wit soap n water every morning. Do this 4 9dayz then u wud have a smooth skin

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that girl

For the love of pete dont blame this on southern rituals! Eww buddy, eww. If you took as much time thinking through your use of proper words as you did your ummm idea I bet you would be brilliant!


Firstly, no matter how desperate I am to get rid of my spots there is no way I would try this. Secondly, some of you say that urine is good for you. It is an old wives tale! Peeing on a jelly fish sting won't help! And peeing in the shower can help to cause athletes foot, not get rid of it. I should know, my parents are doctors.
Overall there is no sure way to get rid of acne. I've tried prescription, over the counter and home remedies and nothing has helped. I'm now 21. I'm just hoping one day my body will outgrow them


Sorry fed_up but you are wrong urine does have beneficial traits. I study the urinary tract specifically for a living. Helping those with many types of urinary problems. But I digress, anyhow research shows urine is very effective as a disinfectant due to the surplus of vitamins and minerals that are excreted as the body can only absorb so much. So the original poster's grammar may be crazy but the idea is actually solid. Now if anyone in the right mind would wash their face with their own piss who's to say. But I sure as well wont try that. If anyone is actually attempting this. Details about the process and such would be great for my research.


The person who has given this method is psycho !!!!
Are you out of your mind :/


& obviously this is why i dont tryst people who 'talk lyke dis'


omg what a comment

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