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Christabel elewke

Make use of ur early morning urine(dats d 1st urine u have when u wake up),wash ur face with it n alow it 2 dry then after 2-3 mins .wash ur face wit soap n water every morning. Do this 4 9dayz then u wud have a smooth skin

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grossed out!

you are fucking disgusting! OMG!




nasty dude

makes no sense

You do realize urine is waste the doesn't want right? So why would you put it on your face much less let it sit there? Your crazy lady an I'm no physician, but to me this sounds like it'd give you more acne.


dutty bwoy


this is actually true. its called urine therapy. you can use urine for MULTIPLE things. Have you ever heard 'Pee on your feet in the shower to help prevent or rid of athletes foot'??? its because your urine has antibodies made specifically for your body. Urine can be used for so many uses. There are certain diets you can do also to make sure your urine is at its freshest if you plan to use it.


it is extremally real, and actually they are using urine to test and find a cure for cancer studies... what you thing they use when you get a jelly fish bite??


I'm sorry but that's just nasty. I know some of u are saying it does work and I'm not saying that's wrong but..... gross!!!! Really do u want to put ur own urine in ur hands or a towel in ur hands then put it on ur face. Ewwww. Be my guest to try it.


hw can u evn think of doin this :O


Lolol I REALLY home he's trolling coz that made me laugh hella hard xP

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