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while in CHILE I was taken by a bad case of diarrher,My friend's mom,Took two lemons and squeesed the juce into a glass,And then added a half tea spoon of bakeing powder, And as it foamed she told me to drink it all.It worked so well I still cant belive it.
I think it corrects the acids in the stomic or kill the bacteria,as it is acitic,and airates the stomic.

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I was constantly going to the washroom with diarrhoea every 20- 30 minutes for about 3 days straight.
I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.
I felt like I was going to faint every time I stood.
My Husband was ready to take me to the hospital because he was so worried.

Before doing that I came across this suggestion and asked that he pick up the lemons and baking powder to give it a try. (I was willing to do anything at this point)

But it worked. Almost immediately.
It was amazing.
There's no more frequent washroom runs, no more painful cramping, no more feeling faint.

Highly recommend.
This suggestion was a life saver.

Also, Doctor trip avoided ;)


Can infants drink this too?


Iv been trying everything the last few days with nothing working . Just tried this remedy and am hoping for a miracle .. pls work I say . I have hope reading all the other comments


I just went through the roughest day ever and i had several lemons laying around and baking soda.i mixed the 2 together and poof,instant relief of that terrible 5 minutes run to the restrom....THANK YOU 11/4/12

SC - Mich

I'm a total skeptic of home remedies but after 2.5 days anchored to the toilet and soiling everything...I was ready to try almost anything. We happened to have nice fresh lemons so I mixed up this remedy and bingo no more running to the toilet. Within two hours I was passing gas without the water. Thanks for the remedy.


Don't know where all these steller
reviews come from. This remedy does
nothing for me. And no - I don't have
a stomach virus. I get day-long bouts of cramping and lose stools as a result
of pelvic floor dysfunction (which I'm
currently being treated for). Pepto-
Bismol doesn't cut the mustard. Was hoping this would. Onward search for
more remedies........


This is incredible and amazing. I had it really bad. A couple of hours after taking this it stopped. I slept through the night. Thank you so much for this homemade natural remedy. Thumps up!


My Hubby had diarrhea for 3 days straight..the 'BRAT' diet wasn't working , so I came to this website since we've had great experiences with past home remedies that we found on this site..long story short..I saw this remedy and thought I would try it since it was one of the highest rated remedies for diarrhea. Made it for him and had him drink it (pretty funny to watch!) :) his diarrhea was GONE and hasn't had it since! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HOME REMEDY!


What if u don't have a lemon and u have bad direahha but I have baking powder?


I didn't have any lemon juice, but I found that just some baking soda mixed into some water helped get rid of the cramps and diarrhea. Worked even better than pepto and over the counter stuff. Now I know why in old films, people always talked about taking bicarbonate and soda with indigestion. Their old fashioned remedy still works the best.

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