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while in CHILE I was taken by a bad case of diarrher,My friend's mom,Took two lemons and squeesed the juce into a glass,And then added a half tea spoon of bakeing powder, And as it foamed she told me to drink it all.It worked so well I still cant belive it.
I think it corrects the acids in the stomic or kill the bacteria,as it is acitic,and airates the stomic.

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This worked like a dream! Woke up with a bad case of the runs and had an important meeting I couldn't miss: this worked within just a few minutes. Hooray


Was having a bout with the stomach cramps and trips to the bathroom most of the day.... Made this tottie and now I am good as new.. Thanks for sharing...Feelin good!


Actually, JUST putting the baking soda in would work just as well if not better. Chemistry-wise, the baking soda will have the same reaction with your stomach acid as it did to the lemon juice and there isn't the chance that it will be neutralized by the acidic goodness of the lemons.

The lemons aren't necessary if not for their fun, foamy look.


I have tried 1 prescriiption and 2 over the counter drugs and have been miserably sick for 5 days....thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It worked but the taste was tough for me...but...I haven't been able to stomach anything these past few days.


trying lemon juice since i cant make it to the store for real lemon it is nast but add some sugar and its slightly tolerable, been up all night well see if this works i just hope it dosent hurt my stomic worst- i did about 1/4 cup of lemon juice and the 1/2 teaspon of soda couldnt stand more then that lol oh and about 8-10 tablespoons of sugar just to make it so it wasnt so nasty.


This worked unbelievably. My boyfriend had a really upset system from all the pills he is taking for severe back spasms. 1/4 cup lemon and half a tsp baking powder, he was asleep within 10 minutes, and had NO more problems. Thank god, because he woke up at 3:30 am with this!!


After a week of feeling miserable, I was ready to try anything! I tried this and am getting some much needed relief :-) Surprisingly, the taste isn't bad either.


tried this last night.It came back up and hardly lingered where it was supposed to.won't do this again

Jt from va

Thanks a lot this really worked for me home remdies are the best

BiGg RiE

This worked for me for quick relief, took about 20-25 minutes to fully kick in... I used the 1/2 cup Apple cider vinegar + 1/2 cup water + lemon juice from 4 lemons(yields about 1cup)... i used that bout 4 hours after the lemon juice & baking powder remedy, for the baking powder remedy I used the Natural strength lemon juice from concentrate instead of fresh lemons as I was at work and couldn't squeeze any lemons. My strategy was short term relief + long term relief the apple cider vinegar mix is disgusting!

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