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Seen a few suggestions using cayenne pepper. Tried this and wasn't as successful as many people mentioned. Mixed cayenne pepper with garlic salt and clove oil to a paste and rubbed it on the affected area and seemed to do the trick. Try not to swallow any WOULDN'T RECOMEND IT!! :)

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more peoples are facing this tooth ache so it is really big problem lemon juice and salt is better for this. take one tea spoon of lemon juice and salt water rinse for two minutes really it is a big relief


I tried the cayenne pepper and garlic and to my surprise it worked.After the burning went away my tooth ache was 90% gone.Thank you for the info.


Thank goodness for this advice! It really works. Made it last night for my 9year old son...he slept like a baby and today we're off to the dentist! Thanks again, even now the pain is still gone..hours later:)

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