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I've had migraines for years. At first, my MD thought it was associated with my birth control, (the depo shot), so I switched to the pill. The migraines weren't coming as frequent but they were still occurring. When I would get a migraine, the world would have to stop. I couldn't eat, sleep, listen and watch anything. The slightest bit of sound or light would have me rushing to the bathroom to relieve the massive nausea feeling that would come over me. Typically, if the pain was so unbearable to the point where I did end up throwing up, I would start to immediately feel better. But if I couldn't get myself to throw up I would take two excedrin migraine pills and lay as still as possible. Usually twenty minutes or so would pass & then I would start to feel better. However, my energy level for the rest of the day would be minute.

Like everyone else, I read and read and read of any option to relieve the pain. During college, I was bartending and my manager, at the time, suggested that potassium would help.

It may sound humurous but trust me on this one. Lay in a dark, cool & quiet room. Place a bananna peeling on your forehead. Close your eyes and within minutes you will start to feel the pressure diminishing. It has something to do with the potassium in the peeling.

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There's no way it has anything to do with the potassium in the peel. Things aren't absorbed like that.

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