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My daughter of two developed ringworm we tried 4 different creams from the doctor including strong steroid creams. nothing was working. i discovered a range of products from the dead sea one of which was sulphur soap. i rubbed the soap on my daughters ringworm morning and night whitin a few days it started to fade for the first time, two weeks on its nearly gone. safe to use unlike alot of the home remedies ive seen on here.

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my 2 year old son has had the ringworm for about 3 wks, have been using 2 different creams (first doctor diagnosed impetigo), it receded for a while, then I stopped using the cream for a few days and it grew even bigger. Now the new cream doesn't seem to help much. How exactly did you use the soap? did u wash it off?
Thanks for help

Oglala Lakota Sioux Grandfather; He who Runs like Fire upon Wind

Mama Mia Lady; get clue will ya. I really do not have time to play around here. But YOUR comment begs a response, for the simple reason, NOBODY will listen to you. It is scientifically & spiritually simple. All humans have different genetic DNA make up of cell tissues, and different blood types, and different immune systems strengths & weakness. You cutting down or pushing aside, or whatever in your ignorance you were doing, with such disregard of 'home remedies that are suggested here' was not necessary. You appeared as a need for your Daughter. That's a good thing. Different things work or do not work for certain folks. You can not delete them like it is nonsense. Did you not see the other report, that soap is a breeding ground for SOME RingWorm or Ezema. I will not even think to use your stupid soap, that you think works. I already know it will not work for me. That's the Spirit part. I KNOW, my Spirit knows what is good. What is not. The other Spirit part is you have no consideration for Karma. NOTHING is a coincidence in life. Nothing. All has purpose. All has lessons. All has reason. You are just blind to such things. Like the Cancer thing. They have been curing cancer since the 1940's ahhh HELLO ... Curing it. In a few weeks. GONE. It is done with the Royal Rife Electromagnetic Pulsating Generator. There is an Immune System element, a thimble full a day, of MMS. It cured 75,000 Malaria patients. It was found, it also cured and strengthened the Immune System. It should be included in here with HOME REMEDIES. Oh by the way as they say. Do not be offended as it was not my intention, inclusive, I wish no add on Karmic debt from you. This is a scientific study evaluation of what I heard, and in no way meant to say directly or insinuate a cure of anything ... Wavier Wavier Wavier Blah Blah Blah!

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