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I have had Angular Cheilitis for about 20 months now. My lip corners were fully cracked and sometimes weird ooze and blood would come out and it had become nearly impossible to eat anything. I spent 100s of dollars on doctors and ointments trying to find something that would make this all go away.

I read these submissions 5 days ago and as a drowning man who would try to hold on to the smallest piece of grass blade floating on water, I bought a bottle of 50% v/w Rubbing alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar and a bottle of Vit B supplements which had a 1000% dosage of all the Vit Bs except Folic Acid (B9) which was a 100%. I spent a total of $10 to buy all these things from a local grocery shop.

For the last 4 days I have been cleaning up my cuts with alcohol every 4-6 hours and then rubbing vinegar on it with a Q tip. I would apply Carmex on my lips every time I did this. I crap you not, tears would fall every time I did that because of the fierce stinging but I did not quit. With that I have been taking 1 Vit B tablet everyday with lunch.

I am happy to say that in only 96 hours these 3 things solved my problem which no doctor could. I am really thankful to the people who took out their time to share this remedy with the world and I hope I would also be able to help someone by sharing my personal experience.

Thank you once again everybody. You guys are the best

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I found angular cheilitis is also s symptom of low iron. After about 2 weeks of this awful mouth mess, I started swishing with very warm salt water and the swelling went down that day!! Then started on the iron supplements with a vitamin c and my mouth is back to normal...finally!

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