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I rarely get a yeast infection but when I do I want to punch everyone! It's miserable and I feel like dying would be a much better path! But I read all of these and its 330 in the morning and I had nothing they were recommending so I experimented. I used 1/2 or more cups regular table salt and just added it to warm bath water just enough to cover your lady parts! I soaked for around 5 minutes and I feel it got rid of the burning and itching and maybe I can get some sleep now! You can stay Im the water as long as you would like but for this experiment I think I did really well! <3 I hope you feel better!

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Agreed--yeast infections are miserable. Short-term fixes that have worked for me--shower instead of bathe; soak for 15-20 minutes in water w/apple vinegar 1-2 times/day (am/pm); clean underwear after every time as the yeast spreads and re-contaminates you; after urinating, spray w/a water bottle then dab w/ clean toilet paper (never reusing once dabbed, as the yeast will spread). Use only fragrance-free and dye-free soap always, and hypoallergenic --soaps will dry out your skin and add to the cracking, which allows a breeding ground for the yeast in already sensitive people. If you're extra sensitive, like me, use dye-free/fragrance free hypo-allergenic laundry soap as well, as it keeps your clothing from agitating the condition and having it repeat. Cut sugars from your diet, including fruits high in sugars; candida is yeast--it naturally occurs in your digestive tract, and sugars make it reproduce more aggressively. If you're having chronic yeast infections vaginally, you're a likely candidate for overgrowth of candida/yeast in your body--in other words, it has to be treated comprehensively, or it will continue to re-occur. Avoid antibiotics, and when on them, use probiotics to replenish the good bacteria, so the candida won't take over; include yogurt if it is without the sugar, as the sugar will agitate the condition. Try plain yogurt, with agave nectar to sweeten it. Make sure the yogurt is high in the lactobacillus and other 'gut healthy' bacilli. Vaccinations flare the condition with me--including flu shot. I have to treat them the same as if I'm taking antibiotics. Also, have them separate the vaccine and only do 1 at a time, every 4 months till they are done. For example 'MMR' and 'DPT' each contain 3 different vaccines. For those of us with candida overgrowth, our immune systems can only take 1 at a time, at best, to minimize the yeast/candida overgrowth impact. Good luck to you all :) When I use these strategies, I've gone years without a single yeast infection. I can now feel one coming on if I've over-done eating sugars, or other 'compromises'. So far, I've been able to prevent any relapses using the above.

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