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I read various articles years ago about herpes and never thought much about them until 2006 when I reconnected with an ex girlfriend. She had recently gotten divorced and I was out of a relationship too and I guess the ex factor was strong so we ended up having sex. A week to 10 days later, painful little blister bump on the tip of my penis showed up--herpes. It wound up going away on its own after 2 weeks but then 1 month later it popped up bigger than before. And then a few months later, again... by the fourth time it popped up in two adjacent spots I understood the hell of being unable to tolerate the pain and anxiety for 2 week stretches every few months.
I read a medical journal that topical applications of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) was effective at treating and killing the virus during localized outbreaks. Specifically, the journal published on pubmed in 1988 by W.S. Croughan and A.M. Behbehani from the University of Kansas Medical Center demonstrated that an application of bleach for 10 minutes could render the virus inactive. The logic is that the virus goes dormant in the fatty tissues around the nerve cells in the subdermis. During an outbreak, the majority of the viral bloom would move up to the surface prompting an ulceration. So, after reading up on it further--numerous accounts and anecdotal support are all over, I decided to pursue it by doing the following: I cleaned the area, carefully removed any of the skin over the outbreak area (debrided or sluffed it off) and this is painful, raw, and may bleed a bit. This is normal. Then, using a 10% concentrated formula (straight from the bottle), I dipped a cotton swab (Q-Tip) into the solution and then apply directly to the area. If you wish to take an analgesic or narcotic pain killer, do so before hand. It burned but not terribly so--strong irritation/sting is best description. It wasn't pleasant but very tolerable. I held the swab in place for 4-6 minutes, then light rinse and repeat with a new swab. You may notice the area and swab turning brown--this too is normal as the bleach is a strong oxidizing agent and the iron in blood hemoglobin is being reduced and complexed (rusted). Then rinse with cool water and cover with a bandage. The site will be raw for 1-2 days and begin to heal over. You may have a scab that lasts ~10 days. DO NOT PICK AT THIS SCAB as it may contain traces of the active virus and can reinfect while moisture is still present. As it desiccates, any remaining viral cells will die and the viral load in the dermis has been significantly reduced when the bloom occurred. The sudden presence of the bleach prevents the virus from 'retreating' fast enough. The scab will flake off and leave shiny, pink new skin in its place. This will heal in time. I did this myself and have never had another sign or symptom. It is gone and life is back to normal for me for the past 5 years. I highly recommend this technique as an effective, low cost, and safe means of treating herpes. This will work for oral herpes too but do realize that you will have a dark crusty scab on your lip/mouth for 2 weeks. I see this as a small and temporary price to pay for getting rid of it for good!

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Using bleach on sores may help some but it doesn't seem likely to kill the virus as HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses lies dormant in the nuclei of nerve cells. When outbreaks occur they follow the distribution of the nerves. Anyone who has had chickenpox is carrying the virus and is at risk of a shingles outbreak. The best info I've found for this disease is a collection of research results at this blog; curanderahealing dot com slash blog. I felt better within days but it took me about two months of drinking this tea for all symptoms to go away. Read this blog to see what is being hidden from you regarding herpes, shingles and AIDS.


Seriously? You're not rid of it 'for good'. The virus will always be in your body until (one day) there is a cure.


Allen, where did you hear about this? Im intrigued and will probably try it. I have a small one on my upper lip, does herpes show up in the same place evrytime and this is basically stopping the one area that it appears at?


That hurt really really bad! AHHHHHHH! I also didn't read far enough to see it say rinse with water... My own fault :/ GEEZUS. Somehow I got it in my pores after shaving resulting in a swollen lymph node. DO NOT SHAVE WHEN YOU HAVE AN OUTBREAK! It started on my hip/butt.. Never had that happen before. I rarely get outbreaks and I have no money for medication. For some reason its more expensive to get it from Planned Parenthood than a doctor.. WTF? OUCH! I hate this. I hate the people that set me up to get it just to give to my ex boyfriend and I hate him too.

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