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After days with bad tooth pain due to a decaying tooth exposing the nerve I turned to google when my dentist couldn't get me in for another 5 weeks. Inspired by your home remedies I searched out my cupboards to find something similar not being the type of person to have vanilla extract or clove oil in the larder.
I ended up trying the salt mouthwash, applying sensodyne rapid relief directly the tooth and finally spraying all along the gum line with Covonia sore throat spray which contains lidocaine. I don't know why I didn't think about this before as its the first hint of relief in what feels like forever. Reduced pain from an 8 to a 4 within minutes.

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YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! I had tons of Chloroseptic spray! Two squirts to my decayed exposed nerve and INSTANT RELEIF!! I have been dealing with this for years with 14 decayed teeth and no money for a dentist (Teeth are decayed do to four pregnancies and each with 8 mo of morning sickness ate away at all enamel). Anyway the oil of clove works but burns on the gum and is almost exchanging pains. Salt water swish works temporarily and even vicodin was not helpful but THIS WAS THE TRICK and wow did it work..I wish I could convey my gratefulness to you. Just know you helped someone and that someone is very, very grateful. THANK YOU!


I completely agree! Life saver. I've always had toothe ache problems growing up. From what one dentist told me its my mothers fault because I got it from her. Bad bone? Said no matter what will probably lose all my teeth. One of my remedies that use to work for me was taking 1 or 2 sips of liquid NyQuil a lil before going to sleep or when I started to feel a lil pain. But this spray works really well. Just got done eating 4 frozen pop sickles because it stopped while I was eating them. Thank you!

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