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I'm 19 and was diagnosed with herpes yesterday. And I'm in pain. I have no type of insurance and it stings like hell right now. I took a Epsom bath lastnight and it helped until this morning. It tried the spots up. And barely caused any pain. But I don't know when I will be able to receive treatment. Please help. I can barely sleep at night. The person who gave it to me doesn't even care that I'm suffering. But screw him. I learned my lesson. Abstinence before marriage.

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Hi, I'm 22 and I as well just found out I have herpes. Its itching and burning as we speak. I just gently clean it with peroxide and wrap it in a dry clothe, after about ten minutes it feels alot better now.


I don't take meds at all. Get some type of itch cream like something you would use for a yeast infection, also I use rubbing alcohol. It stings but not bad. I've only had something down there once and it wasn't very painful jus itched once or twice so I hope this works out for you.


It wasnt a lesson just the lack of safe sex with the right protection or both getting checked before hand. But god am I in pain right now it's the worst outbreak ever 5 days and it doesn't want to go away


Do not use anything that u use for yeast infection or anything like that it stings and itches and Burns more! Maybe planned parenthood can help


You have to go somewhere to get treated. You're local health department should be able to help at low or no cost. This is a virus that can not be cured. If you don't get the right treatment the blisters could even get infected and it'll be 10 times worse. I was just diagnosed yesterday and this has to be the worst pain I've ever went through. I'm on antibiotics now to treat it. Once you get on the treatment the blisters will start to heal in about 5 days.


I am 22 and was diagnosed with HSV-1 in the genital region four years ago. Lysine is a good preventative to take daily and can be found at any health food or vitamin store. DO NOT USE VAGINAL YEAST CREAMS! Preperation helps to keep the lesions dry and heal more quickly. Sitz baths will help and keep the area as dry and clean as possible. I know your local health department can prescribe the treatments at a discount cost. The generic for valtrex is on the wal mart four dollar prescription plan. Have been taking daily and am down to an outbreak a year. Good luck.


I take 2,000 mg of Lysine every night. I also take garlic oil capsules, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil. All of these help to build the immune system and help to control viruses. My ex-husband gave me H. Did everything right I thought. Don't have sex without testing! I was diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago and have Never had a second breakout. I have even been recently diagnosed w lyme disease and havent had a BO. Make your health your first priority. Do a google search for BHT and herpes for another home remedy. About to give it a try myself. Also, excelllent Vit Cproduct called Lyposomal Vit C. I take 2,000 mg daily in a shot glass filled half way w apple juice. Good luck and blessings to you

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