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i've had 'p' for 25 years. the waiver: everything i recommend or say is my own opinion and works for me you will have to do your own research and experimentation.

steroids, enbrel, humira, bleach!!!!!! all of these take care of the symptoms not the cause and do more long term damage than help . steroids thin your skin over time, enbrel and humira suppress your immune system (definition of immune system - network of cells, tissues and organs working together to protect the body from attacks by germs, bacteria and disease) does that sound like something you want to suppress. for the love of god go to clorox bleach website and look at the safety tab (wear gloves when cleaning, bleach will corrode metal parts!) i don’t use bleach products to clean much less take a bath.

there is no quick miracle cure for 'p'. these creams and babies butt aid (which contain lead and cadmium only control the symptoms not the cause. temporary relief. you put cream on your “p”, the spot goes away and you think it “works”. but new spots pop up somewhere else so did it really work. “p” is an internal disease. think of “p” like chicken pox. the virus causes your skin to break out. you can put cream on your skin but until you get rid of the virus inside your body. your skin will continue to breakout. fix the inside and you won’t have to use any creams. you can only control it through diet. dr. john paganos book is good reference material but for me is incomplete. the premise of this diet is anti-inflammatory and reduce toxin intake.

first thing is go 100% organic. there is too much crap (pesticides, hormones and unlisted ingredients) in processed foods which is hard on your immune system.

do a body cleanse (whole foods has some good ones)

do a food allergy test to eliminate trigger foods that are specific to your body.

eat an alkaline diet (raw fruits and vegetables should be at least 50% of your diet. i'm lazy so i make vegetables shakes. (rice milk and 3 or 4 vegetables and fish oil with vitamin d3 and coconut oil) if you need it sweeter add grapes or apples. the roughage is good for cleaning your intestines (small price to pay for clean skin).

blueberries seem especially helpful.

i eat chicken, turkey and fish (low mercury like tilapia, no tuna) no red meat too hard to digest.

i drink distilled water only. many states put fluoride in their water which wreaks havoc on your immune system. yes that includes tooth paste. i use fluoride free 'natures gate' no cavities since using it :) - google 'fluoride toxicity'. Chlorine is bad too. they kill the good bacteria in your digestive tract. I use a chlorine filter on my shower.

i drink fruit juice but water it down by 90%, too much sugar. for cereal i use rice milk or almond milk (soymilk is bad - contains estrogen and causes a lot of problems - google 'dangers of soy') (cow’s milk is too hard on the digestive system. if not organic it contains hormones and antibiotics) goat milk is a good alternative if you can handle the taste.

only whole grain bread and pastas (processed white flour products are highly inflammatory)(gluten free diet is beneficial)

the deodorant i use is 'thai' liquid form. i've tried every natural deodorant out there and this is the only one that works. it's awesome. most deodorants have propylene glycol or some form of aluminum junk in it. use natural shampoos, soaps and household cleaners. it reduces the amount of toxins getting in through your skin.

stuff to avoid:

night shades- tomatoes, tobacco, eggplant, paprika, all peppers, goji berries and white potatoes (sweet potatoes okay, is considered morning glory) night shades all contain toxins which overload our immune system. hard to eat out with this list :)

all refined sugars (highly inflammatory)
no white or cane sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. alternatives in moderation: stevia is the best, agave, coconut syrup, brown rice syrup or honey. needless to say all artificial sweeteners are never allowed (sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, sorbitol, xylitol and many more. chewing gums and diet products contain all these poisons). if it says diet don’t buy it. Sugar is the main cause of my “p” getting worse.

no shellfish, fried foods, yeast, alcohol, smoking, smoked foods, peanuts, and reduce stress.

your skin goes through a 28 day cycle. it normally takes 2 months to get my skin almost clear. what normally happens with me is my skin normally gets a little worse at first, probably from the toxins leaving the cells and going into the bloodstream. after a week there’s no more flare ups. after two weeks or so the red patches start to heal from the center out. you will have a red circle but the middle of it will heal first that’s how you know if you’re on track. the rest of the healing process is up to you depending how dedicated you are to avoiding toxins and sticking to the organic diet. it’s really simple - if i'm on the diet my skin gets better, off the diet, my skin gets worse. i have no one to blame but myself.

it takes time for the body to heal itself. so if you’re looking for a quick fix or not willing to make some changes for your health. you will continue getting frustrated and your “p” will continue to get worse. this diet works just give it time!!!!!!!!! put up or shut up!

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i was looking into this psoriasis remedy called 'Psoriasis free for life' by Katy Wilson.
she promises psoriasis will disappear in 3 days, or money refund.
This remedy is suppose to be some sort of diet too.
i was thinking of investing in this program, i was wondering if any of you used it and could possibly give me a legit review on it. thanks.


your skin goes through a 28 day cycle thats the best case senario assuming everything is perfect. katy wilson said 3 days,1 month but give it 2 months. i'm skeptical. just getting an honest review is impossible. when you try to leave the websites those annoying offers pop up. buy for 29.95 then 19.97 then 14.97. quite a few red flags for me. if you decide to purchase it keep us advised. i would no use any external stuff. i would like to know what internal remedies she uses so i could do a complete analysis. it sounds like all the stuff we are talking about on this blog. let us know.


another source of toxins in our diet is potassium benzoate(E212) or sodium benzoate(E211). it is a preservative used in many products however when combined with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) it forms the toxin benzene-highly carcinogenic. it damages the mitochondria in your DNA. it actually kills them. you find benzene in gasoline,explosives, and laundry detergent. unfortunately they put it in many fruit juices which are normally high in vitamin C. read your foods ingredient labels. pura vida :)


I use a deodorant stone I got it on amazon. just a stone from the ground that you wet and rub on your pit.

^end of link after the dot com


thai makes one too. its just personal preference. they both work well.


correction: i listed xylitol as a poison. although i personally don't trust it and think theres better alternatives it seems relatively safe in small quantities. but it is extremely poisonous to dogs.


a lot of people seem to be using petroleum jelly aka mineral oil, parafin, petrolatum. this ingredient is illegal in europe because of too many impurities. has been linked to breast cancer. its a by product of crude oil. google 'VASELINE DANGERS' nadiasnote website has good info on this and good alternatives like olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.


while getting your humira, enbrel and stelara shots. you may want to ask your doctor if it contains the preservative thimerosal. thimerosal contains 50% mercury (classified as hazardous material)(2nd most toxic metal known to man, linked to heart disease, autism, seizures, mental retardation, dyslexia and hyperactivity (which then we give our kids ritalan)). there was a school in georgia that had 80% of the kids on ritalan. not a typo 80%. they had parents come to the school and talk to a teacher with a doctor there. saying they wanted to help the kid and give them 'medicine'. the doctor refused to call it drugs! criminal. how many of you get flu shots every year? another yearly dose of mercury? i never got a flu shot and never will. you'll have to take my word on this but i have not got sick in over 20 years other than a runny nose. thats how i know my lifestyle is working. personally i'd rather have the flu than mercury wreaking havoc on my nervous system. its not normal to get sick thats your bodies way of telling something is out of balance. do we even have to talk about gardasil (HPV) paralyzing our future mothers. this all ties back to 'p' more toxins overloading our immune system. oh right the pharmacutical companies say their vaccines contain acceptable amounts of mercury. really there is no acceptable amount, don't insult my intelligence. do your research, stay informed and question your doctors. good luck :)


we have well water too but we are in an agricultural area so all the pesticides maybe leaching into your water. if you can afford distilled water is best. h2o nothing else. rice milk is most similar in consistancy to cows milk and a million times easier on your digestive system. casien a protien in milk caused cancer in rats in the largest nutritional study ever conducted. greek yogurt now has double the protien (double the cancer risk). if you use anti-bacterial soap with triclosan that has been linked to eczema (similar to 'p'), hormonal problems and when mixed with chlorine from your water produces chloroform. dangerous especially when bathing. lets kick 'p' butt and show it who is boss :)


anne. vitamin d is manufactured by plants. can be toxic if you take too much. vitamin d3 formed when body synthesizes sunlight on its skin or through aminal products. body breaks it down to calcitrol (cancer fighter). sunlight is very important. just don't get burned. i beg you to stop humira,stelara, enbrel. my doctor told me i would be on steroids the rest of my life. most don't understand the disease. its an internal disease. your skin is a manifestation of the disease. the diet works. let me know what i can do to help. learn from my mistakes :) good luck

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