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My heart goes out to all of you suffering with or who have a loved one suffering with this mess.
My son will be 15 in 2 months and he has had this since he was born. He is what is called a triad sufferer. Meaning he has eczema, asthma, and allergies. He also has 4 of the 5 classifications of eczema. He is miserable most of the time. For those of you suffering as he does, you understand the itch that NEVER goes away. It is controllable, manageable, but it never goes away completely. Many times he's scratching and unaware.
We live in East Texas and his eczema covers 75% of his body (on good days). Being outside in the sun helps him but only on low humidity days. A high humidity day, the moisture just sits on his skin and drives him nuts. The winter is the best time of year for him because breakouts go down but the dryness ratchets up a notch. And he's 14. He's tired of the girly thing of lotioning, of having to do it several times a day, of having mom boss him around, of restricting his diet. All of which keeps his eczema under control. So now he has to want to.
I will say, many of these remedies have worked at one time or another. The oatmeal baths, the bleach baths (to limit infection), the vaseline, cutting out gluten and dairy, protopic, the steroid creams, bathing in bark water, keeping hydrated (the MOST IMPORTANT), staying away from ALL nuts and nut products (anaphylaxis allergy as well as skin irritating). However peanut oil (thru the pharmacy) did wonders at one point.
The key is to remember your body changes and adapts. My son has been growing (most of the time) and his body chemistry continues to adapt. So I found that something that worked when he was 2 didn't work anymore at 6.
The only thing that has worked consistently is moisture. The effect eczema has is that it breaks down the barrier that your skin is supposed to be. Without the strength of that barrier, pollutants, allergens, even the body itself, attacks the skin. I am all for home remedies because all of the drugs that get thrown at us are usually more harmful in the long run. But sometimes that is all thats left to us. Otherwise I would have had a child with eczema covered in staph. He's had too many instances of that. Several scars where they have had to remove MRSA will never go away.
The best way to help yourself is to build that barrier back up. Moisture, moisture, moisture! The vaseline is still by far the best for it. It gives such a great barrier against those allergens and pollutants. Next, is take care of the itch. For some it may be the lemon. My son could never use it. It set him on fire for days. But then he couldn't have anything acidic. For some it will be tea, or oil, or oatmeal. Lastly, avoid your triggers. For my son, it is anything with fragrance, gluten, citric acid, and food coloring. Ever read labels? Everything has yelow dye in it it seems. And anything processed, sugars or otherwise. He's basically supposed to be on the Celiac diet. But he's 14.
One other thing I really recommend is silver. Your health food store should have a nutritional supplement or ointment. Silver is a natural healer. The ointment is great because first its an ointment (barrier) and second it has healing properties. Very, very, very few individuals have an allergy to it. Taken internally (as the bottle says) can help you get over a breakout. Be sure to only use it as you need it so as not to build up a tolerance. Applying to skin through the ointment is even better because you can do that longer.

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This is a system problem, not the skin one. My first child had the terrible eczema till I went vegan (I was nursing him). It worked the same way with my other two children. You have to figure out what makes it worse and eliminate it. I would start with rice, beans, and green vegetables.


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or for those that are just worried about general well being, i would strongly recommend that you GOOGLE


i read the plant used to make this tea is quite rare and even needs special conditions to reproduce because it doesnt have seeds.

the proffessor that created the the blend has been working with it for 22 years and is driven by the results of his patients

this tea is incredible it changed my life

I was a skeptic when it came to natural remedies but furkan herbal tea has completely lived upto everything i read in the testimonials.
you can even see before and after photos of some of the sufferers of these conditions in their brave testimonials of how they have overcome theyre conditions and how happy both they and theyre family have become.


Hi Pam, just doing some research into causes of allergies and skin conditions, can I ask, is you son Vaccinated?


a lot of people seem to be using petroleum jelly aka mineral oil, parafin, petrolatum. this ingredient is illegal in europe because of too many impurities. has been linked to breast cancer. its a by product of crude oil. google 'VASELINE DANGERS' nadiasnote website has good info on this and good alternatives like olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.


I seem to be in the same situation as your son. I have had asthma for 28 years and developed allergies along the way since then. Just recently, after a move from sunny Georgia to much cooler Washington's West coast, I've developed eczema. So far, the only relief I've gotten has been from Prednizone and that diminished when I got down to the last pill (only one is taken on the last day of the prescription, for those who don't know).

I'm dry and bloody most of the time now, with horrible little breaks in my skin. The urge to scratch is so intense that, even if I'm able to resist during the day, I succumb at night in my sleep.

I'm embarrassed to wear anything but long sleeves and long pants for fear people will be horrified at what they see. (I don't blame them, it looks frightening and I'm sure some wonder if it's contagious.)

I thank everyone for posting your remedies. I will go through each and every one, if needed, in the hopes of finding permanent relief.

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