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You have to mix both ACETAMINOPHEN and IBUPROFEN together to get relief from dry socket. My dentist says this is better than T3's. I recently suffered with not one but two dry sockets from my wisdom teeth extractions. It's been a week today that i am now pain free. I was in pain for 17 days but i still went about my everyday life. This is the best advice that you will read on these pages trust me i know what works. Clove oil worked for about 5 minutes if that every time i used it. Besides it tastes terrible. Vanilla did not work. Honey and peanut butter did not work. This is what works. Instead of buying that Red Cross Emergency Toothache kit at the pharmacy, pick up a big bottle of extra strength ez tab tylenol and a big bottle of extra strength liquid advils instead. You need to take 2 extra strength tylenols and 1 - 2 extra strength liquid advils every three hours around the clock. I know it sounds like a lot of pills and i don't like taking pills but i drank a ton of water to help flush my kidneys. It puts the pain level at a 1 if that and i had two dry sockets. I would take these 3-4 pills right before bed and i would take twelve pills to bed with me. I would fall asleep but wake up a few hours later in so much pain that i would take my next batch and around thirty minutes later i could fall back to sleep again. I would then wake up around four hours later with the worst pain ever in both sides of my mouth up to my temples. You need the pills right there so you can pound them back and let them kick in so you can sleep again. This made it bearable.I just kept taking 3 pills every three hours just so that pounding and throbbing stayed away and it worked. I also went back to my dentist on day 7 and got my teeth packed. This is where he confirmed that i was so lucky to get two dry sockets. You can taste clove oil in this packing but it tastes better than clove oil at home. Do not pick at it or pull it out. I let it come out all by itself. If you think you have a dry socket in the first week, get to the dentist. The sooner they pack it the better. The dentist told me that i should have been in there on day 3.Try those pills and leave the oil of clove stuff at the health food store. I hope this helps someone. Nothing else on this website helped me with my pain. Take care.

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This is not a home remedy just because your buying OTC pain killers. If your gonna be popping the pills why not just go to the dentist and get a prescription for pain killers. Taking that much Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen in that short of time, no matter how much water you are drinking, cause some liver damage.

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Narcotic pain killers, i.e. Oxycodone didn't even touch my pain from a dry socket. After suffering for a week and a half, I stopped at Walgreen's today and got the DenTek toothache Kit and popped open the Eugenol, saturated a small piece of gauze and gently pushed it into the dry socket area with a q-tip. Mine is hard to get to because it's all the way in the upper left last molar now gone... One must be very very careful to not disturb the new tissue that is growing inside the deepest recesses of the socket area, as that is what will eventually create a healed socket and cover the bone and nerves that are now exposed and causing all the pain. Wow, is all I can say. I am FinallY out of pain. Oh, and Advil did a better job on the pain than a 750 mg oxycodone. That's the truth!


If you overdose on Acetaminophen you will cause permanent liver damage. Never take more than the reccomended dose. Tylenol extra strength has 1000mg, and the make is 4000mg every 24 hours, or two every six hours. Be very careful, even over the counter medications can me dangerous when used incorrectly. The new guidelines may change the max dose to 3000mg every 24 hours, less if you have any other complications such as hepititis. Use your head and don't follow advice here unless you have checked with a professional.


I have had a dry socket for approx. 8 days now and have trued all of these suggestions.The only thung i have found to even remotely relieve any pain going on an hour now is the red cross kit and 600mg of ibuprofen. My dentist actually packed mine today with dry socket pack and gave me a few xtra over the weekend and they fell out when i put them in and when she put them in it stopped the pain for a few hours, but the only thing i believe is working is the red
cross kit and time. This sucks !!!!


As Jennifer already warned. Taking Tylenol as often and in dosage stated is seriously dangerous.

Quote an other source..

'Just how much acetaminophen is safe to take?

For the average healthy adult, the recommended maximum dose of acetaminophen over a 24 hour period is four grams (4000 mg) or eight extra-strength pills. '
info from Page 2 of

Also see Tylenol's own warning site at

Before you decide how much Tylenol to take.

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