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Liquid Chlorophyll is THEE only remedy to get rid of my vaginal odor. It's an internal deodorizer. Essentially it makes you smell great from the inside out. Drink 5 tablespoons a day and drink a glass of water afterwards. That's it. My vaginal odor was gone in one hour. You can purchase it your local health food store,vitamin store or online.

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awesome stuff, but I only take 2 tbsp a day. It took a month of use to help but is a great healthy way to eliminate odors.


I've been looking at Puritan's Pride to order some Chlorophyll. Would the Gel Caps work just the same? I'm assuming so.....any thoughts on this ladies?


gel caps are not the same as Liquid Chlorophyll. The pill for has different benefits.


5 tablespoons or 5 teaspoons???


Is it a daily thing or once and it's gone forever?

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