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Debbie Evans

I have a hole in my lower left tooth where half of the filling came out and the part of the back side of the tooth has broken off, I've tried every single remedy I could find online, and some stuff work but only for awhile. The pain had gotten to unbearable, so my husband took me to the ER. the doctor said that i had developed an abcesse. So he prescribed me some penicillin which is an antibiotic, some lortab for pain and told me to get some dental wax and cover the hole. Now I've been in unbearable pain for 3 whole days but I went home with my prescription and the dental wax. I took the first dose of the antibiotic, took another lortab after the from the er, and put the dental wax in place to cover the hole, and I promise to my god up above the pain went away instantly!!!!!! Now I can wait for my dental apt pain free. Thank god!!!!!

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