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Come on people, Pimples are just liquid trapped under your skin, and Calamine Lotion is the oldest thing in the world made to dry up the skin...DUH! Try cleaning your face with astringent before bed, apply Calamine lotion to the area(thick), And in the morning on the first day you should see some change!(wash it off of course) Good Luck!!

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im allergic to almost every kind of lotion. it really sucks that i cant try it because my friend said it works

nikki haven

calamine lotion is the best! i had horrible pimples on my forehead...2-4 new ones a day!! i put calamine lotion on it every night before i go to sleep, and mabye once during the day, when im home alone watching tv or something. thanks so much for for this!


Hey i might just try this myself. i dont have bad acne, just a few new pimples a week. But in highschool, even that is too many!!! And for the one who is allergic to lotion, is there an alternative method?


This works somewhat...


yep it sure does just a few days man its gone!


i reeally hope it works.... yup it does!


Gotta love Calamine lotion! Haven't tried it yet, but I can see it working.

Former Supermodel

This doesn't work. And original poster, the 'duh!' comment was rude, unnecessary and immature.

scared of zits.

I hope this works, it sounds like it would also i heard coco butter helps scars but i was wondering do you know if thats SAFE for your face? Also can you please tell me what type of face wash works the best [one you can buy at walgreens,cvs,publix please]

my E-MAIL is

PLEASE tell me i am desperate.


Calamine lotion is normally used to treat things like chicken pox, sunburn, eczema, insect bites etc (I used it when i had chicken pox) and i can see it working in treating pimples. Maybe not totally effectively but maybe a little?

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