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After burning my finger very badly (2nd degree) I immediately ran it under cold water and cut off a fresh slice of onion to put on the wound as I knew this would help. I was still in a lot of pain, though, which led me to this site.

Here's what worked for me: I mixed flour and honey to put on the wound. Within minutes the pain lessened and I could tell it was helping. It was also dripping everywhere, mainly into the dinner I was trying to cook. So I took the outer soft layer of an onion, as someone had suggested, scored it to get the juices flowing, and then wrapped it around my floured and honeyed finger. I used medical tape to bind it all together, but I'm sure you could use masking, electrical, or even duct tape in a pinch. When I was ready to go to sleep I thought of removing it but the pain came back every time I tried to do so. So I just applied more tape to be sure that it wouldn't fall off and slept with it on. As of this morning, the pain is GONE even when I'm not wearing my makeshift bandage. I know it sounds funny but I can't recommend this enough. I've never known anything to heal a burn like this!

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Ishani India

My mom-in-law.. once told me to use honey.. just Plain HONEY.. on to the wound.. for some time..!! whoooofff.. no pain.. No Boils ...nothing!! Thats the best remedy ever... !! [even if drips off.. lick it!! ;)]


My daughter burned her fingers badly on the stove. After several hours of having them in ice water, they were still stinging. It was time to go to bed so I looked up home remedies and found this. I made a paste of flour & honey and applied it to my daughter's fingertips. We put a blue surgical type glove on her hand to keep the honey & flour mixture in place and within 5 minutes she said it was no longer stinging. I gave her some Motrin and put her to bed. She slept through the night and when she woke up, we removed the glove and she washed her hand there was no more stinging. As a precaution, we put a little bit more of the mixture on a couple of band-aids, wrapped her fingers and she went to school with no pain. I am now a believer!! Thank you!!


I've been resting my burn on ice all night which helps but as soon as I removed it off ice, stinging & throbbing started. I finally tried honey & it helped sooth immediately after a few minutes. I didn't like the flour honey mix though, just honey


This worked for me after burning my thumb on a hot griddle! Mixed flour & honey together and plastic-wrapped my thumb securing with a bandaid and after 2 minutes= no pain!!!!!! So glad I found this site as I couldn't take the throbbing much longer!!


Ok so I burned ny fingers with steam cooking dinner and have been reading the comments. Decided to try this flour n honey mix. I made the paste, put it on n it felt a little better but not much. Wasnt till I wrapped it in plastic wrap n medical taped it that it started feeling a bit better. Still hurts a bit though...

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