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I know this isn't a home remedy, but it works wonders for me...I purposefully sit out in the sun to burn so that I can tan, otherwise, I just do not tan. At Walmart, there is a brand of aloe, called Ocean Potion, it is beyond amazing, not a gel, just a water-based lotion that you can apply as often as you want...I literally put it on every 15 minutes or so right when I come in from sun'burning' It is only a few dollars too, right under $4 to be exact

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I agree, you're an idiot. There's self fan for a reason.


Wow. Hope you enjoy looking 80 when youre 30.

Hope this helps someone

I used to think I needed a burn to tan, that my tan turned into a burn...someone explained to me that the tan was what I had already before I burned. It's easy enough to just time yourself how long it takes to burn, and start getting out of the sun sooner. You'll be glad you did. Higher UV index, higher burning possibility. Burning stresses your body, meaning it takes resources from other needs your body has. And burning definitely breaks your skin down sooner than it would, and no lotion fixes that! :)

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