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I fell what everyone is going through.
I starting going through most of these same symptoms and attacks at about 15 years of age. Now 32 this is about the same time I decided to try Marijuna and LSD. Even though I did these drugs only for about a year.I'm now left with anxiety and depression, 18 years of being bumped around on different medications. The worst part of it all is the side effects of all these different meds. I don;t know what's worse the severe anxiety or withdrawls.Sometimes I feel like giving up. Everything is easier said then done but having a good reason to go on struggling in life as we all do I think makes it easier. For me it's God my wife and son. Excerise/walking also helps me relax

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I looked on the original page for a comment section, but there was none, so I just seized on the comment section for this latest entry.

A quick way to ease anxiety is to take two echinacea capsules with a glass of Emergen-C. Works in 20-30 minutes.


hey bryan,
Im in the same boat man, I never had any issues with anxiety or depression and use to be the life of the party. Then one brutal camping trip about 10 years ago (im 30) i had Really bad mushroom trip and anxiety seemed to take over from that weekend on. Exercise helps alot and talking with my wife. Im still searching for a more permanent cure. Mine seems to hit me hard for a month, then ill feel amazing again for a couple weeks... and it just repeats itself.


Cont. from above.
Just wanted you to know your not alone man.


Look into Neurotherapy. You've obviously altered you brainwaves or sent them out of whack. I'm going through it for my anxiety and my son is for his ADHD. There is hope - read about it, find a licensed therapist in your area and go in for a consultation.


No not for the scars.It works for acne itself, pmpiles you know.But !! carrot, carrot is great for acne scars !!So eat a good amount of carrots and use a carrot scrub:1) blend 2 carrot into a carrot juice and add 1 tablespoon of honey and a bunch of salt too.2)take a cotton pad and dip it into the carroty-juicy-thingie and scrub ti all over your face ! .leave it on for 7-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water!Use this 2-3 times a week, it can do wonders!Hope I helped, Good Luck !

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