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Take a hot bath. The hot water relaxes muscles including those of your uterus relieving you of cramps.

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Do not do this if during the time of the month. All the blood gets backed up and messes up with the cycle, it is better if you stand up thus taking a shower. although it does relieve the pain but i propose either drinking warm/hot liquids (not chocolate, makes pain worse) or try doing crunches.


I'm not sure if it messes with your cycle, but it will cause you to bleed more for a little while after the bath. The hot water causes the blood vessels to dialate and allow more blood through.


I get really bad cramps during ovulation, not menstruation, and the hot bath worked great!!

jophatylah cannanfion

this only works hwile you are in the bath and i wouldnt stay int he bath for 5 hrs. ii would be a prune by the time i got out and my stomach is still hurting this dosnt work


During that time of the month. Wouldn't you be bathing in ur own blood? usually a really hot shower works for me but it only lasts an hour or so.

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