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I'm sitting here at the airport waiting for my next flight and seriously regreting i had the Root Beer served on the last flight. My legs are creeping and crawling like crazy. I've had RLS since i was about 10 years old and I'm 43 now. My brother and mother both also have it. My brother takes Requip with some success. I don't like taking drugs because of the side effects.

I've discovered through extensive elimination diet experients how to completely eliminate RLS for myself. I have found that it's tied to refined sugar and some other refined carbs. I've been off all added sugar including corn syrup, brown sugar, cane sugar, ' fruit sweetened' etc for several months now with great success. Basically my diet consists of fresh or frozen veggies and fruit, chicken and fish (unbreaded and not fried). I am usually pretty disciplined cutting out junk or processed food and i don't struggle with RLS at all as long as i stick to the strict diet. I also have sleep issues, acid relux and Chron's/Cholitis that i'm managing well without meds. I'll post about those soon as well. Ted

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tina in miami

i have had rel for 7 years now and have read all the symptoms and comments with no help. I also take requip and was up to 4 pills a night and 2 during the day. my doctor had advised me to take citrical with d vitamen and 6 months later when i told him it doesnt help he said stop taking it . its been linked to hard attacks, wow thanks for the info, finally ,,finally,, i found my cure , talking to many women in the hospital facilities, i must share with you because its crazy how people out their are trying to make money on this when they know how desperate we are!!!!!!!how many hot baths in the middle of the night and heating pads, no more for me, if i was better with the computer i would try and help more people , so maybe someone out their will read this , try it and help many more. i take every day a b1, a b6, a b12 and most important with that from nature made calcium magnesium zinc with d3 and a womens ultra mega vitamin or alive for woman all found at cvs or wallgreens. the b1 and b6 i could only find at cvs thier brand . i also smoke 2 cigs a day and drink 2 drinks a night and have sciatica, so if this works for me it should work for you. i only take one pill at night If i want to .


I also use a diet of no refined sugar and low carbs, but have RLS.

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