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I got rid of very irritated patches of eczema on my hands in about 3 days by doing all of these things:

-I used a natural soap with blue clay in it to wash my hands and body
-I soaked in a solution of warm water and colloidal oatmeal for fifteen minutes several times per day (I used about 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal for my hands). It really helps to soothe the itching.
-As someone else already suggested here, you can apply moisturizer on wet skin after a shower or a bath. Don't dry yourself with a towel, apply the moisturizer right onto your skin when it's still wet. It really makes a difference. I used regular moisturizer for the first couple of times and then I switched to natural cold pressed unrefined shea butter.
-Right after I started using the shea butter, I found out that the dry patches were peeling when I got out of the shower. I could take off the dead skin just by rubbing lightly with my fingers. The skin underneath the patches was healthy.

I hope that helps someone!

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