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Emily H

I had started to get tooth pain early am (3ish) yesterday i took 3 ibuprofen woke up the pain was worse but not horrible. Then tried to eat (huge mistake) just irritated it more. But still wasn't as bad as previous abscesses (just got over a horrible one top right) i go into work at 5 i notice it getting more irritating. By 9 o'clock came i wanted to bust my head through a wall! Went straight home and tried the garlic remedy I've heard good things. Well it didn't help one bit made me sick to my stomach from the taste as well.Next took 4 ibuprofen (which has never failed) didn't help for even 5 minutes! I toss and turn in my bed for hours then jump on here. 1st brushed teeth well. Gargled with listerine. Nothing. Gargled again about hr or 2 later nothing. Gargle with salt water a bit if relief for about 15 mins. Smoked a cig helped me get my mind off but still hurt like a sob! I lay in bed exhausted and in horrible pain tossing and turning. It is now 5:00am then i remember the last abscess i had (which was a week ago) i had tried the teabag remedy and felt it had helped a bit so i went to the cupboard got the last one it was french vanilla black. Put it in between my tooth and gum. Fell in and out of sleep until 6:30 my alarm goes off i go to the bathroom and take it out. The whole side of my mouth is swollen however, there was a head on the abscess huge and ready to pop. I already felt relief just from it coming to a head but i sterilized the needle. Brushed and gargled. And it popped so easy didn't hurt a bit! Drained and stuck gauze. Going to keep pushing on it from time to time make sure all that gook is out . Thank you teabags :)

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