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I have chigger bites and didn't know what they looked like. I tried a lot of is the scoop..Bathe with really hot water, scrub the bites with soapy water,then pour in Epson Salt...when you get out use a sterilized needle and remove the head of the bite and put iodine on it. NO MORE ITCHING!!!!!! Thank Goodness(be sure and buy the real iodine not the safe alternative)

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mark lucisano

i have tried alot of creams but nothing worked until now !! aim toothpaste works like a charm put a dab on your finger and rub it on for instant relief and long lasting comfort ENJOY !!!!


I used the Epsom salt soak after using a baking soda paste. Pasted again while soaking. At the moment I have relief! Yay


I will not be using a needle to poke my already ravaged skin, thank you very much! There are more than I can count and in places I cannot reach.

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