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B. Johnston

I have had serial nosebleeds for many years. I read about tests with capsicum for several problems. I have commenced putting a fresh broken chili in the nostril every day. If I forget the remedy the nose dries and bleeding may start. In that case I can just put a broken chili in that nostril to start the sinus again and immediately stop the bleeding.

It has a serious effect of opening the nerves - burning sensation - dosage and timing is important.

I would recommend that medical companies try this treatment for proper dosage and long term or immediate treatment for small bleeds.

This is not a replacement for medical tests to reveal underlying problems. I get my annual check-up but doctors declare me healthy each time. Most doctors sniff at nose-bleeds. Parts of my family could be said to suffer from this problem.

The broken chili does reinvigorate the slightly defunct nostril. Normal sneezing etc. has recommenced.

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