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I was convinced I was going to have a sleepless night last night, as I'd had a hard go at the gym, was stressed, and could really just feel the 'fizzing' feeling building up. Pleasantly, I didn't - I guess it's one of the following. Might not be. Worth a try, right?

So here's my three-point plan for addressing RLS:

1. Dry skin brushing. I've just started this, you can find instructions online. I didn't start it for RLS, rather for skin benefits, but there are some people out there who legit think it helps. I did this about four hours before bed, after the gym, but you can try it sooner before bed, or to alleviate symptoms once you have them.

2. Heavy blanket. Some others have suggested this one. What it says on the tin - a heavy blanket. Really heavy. If you don't feel like you're lying under a cow, it's not heavy enough. I'm in the UK, so this works better for me - if you're in Florida I guess you're SOL. Maybe weighted straps, or something? Restraints? Leg weights? I know this sounds ridiculous, but RLS is dreadful and frankly I'd try anything once.

For when all else has failed:

3. Dead-arm yourself. Really. Thump that sucker. I'm not some troll laughing at the idea of people all over the world, furiously punching themselves on my advice - I've done it myself when I get really desperate. I give each limb a good thump right in the bicep or the calf, and after I've stopped writhing in pain (seriously, I really do mean crack yourself one), the 'fizzing' (I always think of it as a fizzing, with me) just stops dead and I can go to sleep. It's honestly remarkable (and if it doesn't work for you, apologies - I really do suggest this in good faith. Ymmv!).

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Hahahahaha! I was laughing so hard at the description of #3. It does help a little but I think it's just the way it's written! So funny. At least you took my mind off my RLS for a few minutes... Thanks!

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