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I was convinced I was going to have a sleepless night last night, as I'd had a hard go at the gym, was stressed, and could really just feel the 'fizzing' feeling building up. Pleasantly, I didn't - I guess it's one of the following. Might not be. Worth a try, right?

So here's my three-point plan for addressing RLS:

1. Dry skin brushing. I've just started this, you can find instructions online. I didn't start it for RLS, rather for skin benefits, but there are some people out there who legit think it helps. I did this about four hours before bed, after the gym, but you can try it sooner before bed, or to alleviate symptoms once you have them.

2. Heavy blanket. Some others have suggested this one. What it says on the tin - a heavy blanket. Really heavy. If you don't feel like you're lying under a cow, it's not heavy enough. I'm in the UK, so this works better for me - if you're in Florida I guess you're SOL. Maybe weighted straps, or something? Restraints? Leg weights? I know this sounds ridiculous, but RLS is dreadful and frankly I'd try anything once.

For when all else has failed:

3. Dead-arm yourself. Really. Thump that sucker. I'm not some troll laughing at the idea of people all over the world, furiously punching themselves on my advice - I've done it myself when I get really desperate. I give each limb a good thump right in the bicep or the calf, and after I've stopped writhing in pain (seriously, I really do mean crack yourself one), the 'fizzing' (I always think of it as a fizzing, with me) just stops dead and I can go to sleep. It's honestly remarkable (and if it doesn't work for you, apologies - I really do suggest this in good faith. Ymmv!).

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Posh lass

I was laid in bed in agony with my right leg and thought I would see what home remidies would come up for rls.
Number 2 really works!! If you get a really heavy blanket and stick ontop of the limbs that hurt and then place your other leg on top of that to apply more pressure then you get relief!! Omg it feels so much better!
Also number 3 does work too LOL!! I remember trying that once before when my legs were playing up however I thumped the parts that were causing me jip, yep it hurt a bit but man the results were deffinatly worth it lol!


I was just searching remedies as my leg has been bothering me for about ten minutes. Thumped myself in the leg and surprisingly for now all is good. Apart from me looking rather silly!!!!


well i was looking for remadies to help my husband as i'm pretty sure his legs keep me up just as much as they do him i think #3 sounds pretty good lol as we've tried what seems like EVERYTHING.


Ha Ha Ha! I was just reading through home remedy posts and stumbled upon yours. I exceptionally noticed your third suggestion and as crazy as it sounds... it DOES work!! my thighs are bruised up and down from doing this but let me just tell you.. i can hide my black circled legs better than i can hide the black circles under my eyes! HA!


Up yet another night, what I wouldn't do for some relief! I have punched my legs as hard as I can from thigh 2kee, its only seconds of relief I think just masked from the pain of punching them, but usually it works...tried benadryl,melatonin, heat, massage and punching and only slept a total of an hour tonight! But nice 2 know I'm not alone!


I have had a serious case of RLS for a few years now and it is awful. I have left bruises on my thighs, calves, and shoulders from literally beating myself up just to get some relief from the sensations in my legs. My wife offered to punch me in the face to knock me out instead of hitting myself. I had to promise not to call the cops. Hitting yourself does give temporary relief, however, I have learned that you can actually cause a blood clot that can form from repetitive hitting in the same areas. It does help, but the risks out way the temporary benefits. Keep searching!

P.J. Monroe

As for the weighty blanket issue, here's my thinking... chainmail. I'm going to try to special order it. Or else make it myself. It's heavy, but bendable and breathable. Wrap it up in a little foam and material. I'll let you know how it goes.


Lol!! I totally punch the crap out of my leg! It does help.


All I have to say is that I had a good laugh,(suggestion 3) I thought I was the only person on earth with this condition.

I sure will try it.



#3 works for sure! I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo that does this. My wife thinks I'm crazy but I slug the back of my knee and upper calf as hard as I can a few times and it provides instant relief. I'm not sure what the long term effects of continually punching yourself are but they can't be any worse than RLS!

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