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I have a tooth ache that is unbelievable painful. lower left molar, waitin for appt to get pulled, antibiotics and prescription strength pain meds have no effect. however, two shots of jack daniels back-to-back seems to dull the pain. (please be responsible and dont drive). I rarely drink, a friend told me to try this so, after a few days, i gave in and within 5-10 minutes, numbness in my tooth. again, please try this responsibly!

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Just an FYI..about 3 years ago my hubby had a horrible toothache and he drank whiskey because he heard the numbing effect of the alcohol would help..well long story short..the whiskey spread the infection from his tooth into his blood stream and it almost killed him..he was in icu for 8 days..3 of them in a medically induced coma after having emergency surgery to extract the tooth..they had to put drainage tubes in his neck to drain all of the infection out.the Dr said for future reference to swish and spit the alcohol..the numbing still works and its a lot safer :)

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