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I am glad I found this website! I am a 38 yr old male who has plenty of these bad boys on my junk. Ok, so I'll make my story and results about ACV short. I have used the cotton balls soaked in ACV for 3 hrs a day for 8 days now. I was worried about the burning after reading some other posts, but...NO BURNING! And I mean the cotton balls were soaked plenty, almost dripping! Is this normal? Like everyone else, they turned white within minutes. Fine, since that seems common enough after reading other people's stories. However, after the 8th day, I stopped, hoping they would scab off or flake off like everyone else's results say they do. However, they did not turn black or grey, they just stayed the way the always were. Am I doing something wrong? No burning, no itching or anything, they just turned white and when I removed the cotton balls after 3 hrs, I dabbed the affected area with Polysporin. How long does this take? Any suggestions?

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Good luck

Try mixing some garlic with tha ACV. When the warts are soaked, squeez them. You need to break the skin and squeez them. Then continue to treat the area you are working on with the ACV garlic mix. You will know its working when you see blackish blood soaking out of the warts into your coton ball or whatever you are using.
Squeez,soak,squeez soak. Constantly cleaning the surrounding area during treatment with the ACV garlic mix will keep them from spreading. If you have HPV anywhere, you have a body wide
infection. I would like to think if one could treat their entire body in this manner one could be cured. (easier said than done) I have not had a breakout since adopting this method.


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warts finally gone

you have to get a pumice stone and scrap it, it will hurt but this will get the acv in deeper


Hi, I have been using acv for over 12 months on what were only three small warts clumped together. You will find that it won't sting until the dead skin of the warts is removed. You may also have a higher pain threshold than other people. It has taken me 12 months and the warts are gone, but I continue to use the acv because it has become such a routine every day I just keep doing it. I don't use a cotton ball. I use a cotton bud to soak the gauze of a waterproof bandaid in acv, and then i wrap the medical tape over the bandaid to keep it in place. It seems to keep the area covered in acv.

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