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I use essential oils. You take a base. I use sweet almond oil, but you can just go to the kitchen and use olive oil. You can get essential oils on Amazon or in the cosmetic section in Whole Food, or in almost any store on N. Halsted in Chicago. Probably other places, too. I use marjoram and basil. But if you don't like the smell or it doesn't work, you can try other combos. What you're going for are (and while this makes perfect sense, it makes me laugh every time) meat tenderizers. If you would rub it on a roast, rub it on your legs. Oil form, not spice form. And if it doesn't work, at least you're well seasoned.

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Gordon Ramsey

I'm having a hard time getting the oven door closed. But aside from that at what temp and for how long do I bake?

Wicked Witch

It's like I said to Gretel, 'Just tell Hansel that this Montreal Steak Seasoning will cure his Restless Legs.'


You guys are funny! : ) that made me smile.

Wicked Witch (Don't worry I have a day job.)

I'm glad that you thought it was funny. You combine two of my favorite things - a sense of humor and the scent of red meat. Good luck to you.

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