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Very simple solution that my daughters EN&T specialists told me. Rubbing alcohol & white vinegar. Mix equal parts (1 table spoon to 1 table spoon) use either a dropper or cotton ball (to suck up the mixture) place 2-3 drops in each ear in the a.m & repeat at nite. IF swimming, ONLY use the drops AFTER swimming for the day. Continue for a week. IF situation does not get any better seek medical attention asap!! Good Luck Everyone!!

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Is white distilled vinegar the same as white vinegar?


had water in my left ear for over a week & i was such a nuisance! tried all kinds of remedies. Alcohol alone burned, then I tried equal parts alcohol & apple cider vinegar. Put in a few drops before bed, let it sit in a few minutes. Then drained it. Woke up with no water! Thank you!!

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