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Very simple solution that my daughters EN&T specialists told me. Rubbing alcohol & white vinegar. Mix equal parts (1 table spoon to 1 table spoon) use either a dropper or cotton ball (to suck up the mixture) place 2-3 drops in each ear in the a.m & repeat at nite. IF swimming, ONLY use the drops AFTER swimming for the day. Continue for a week. IF situation does not get any better seek medical attention asap!! Good Luck Everyone!!

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just live w/ it

Pamela Grady

I used rubbing alcohol only, and boy do I feel better. Been dizzy for days. Didn't have any vinegar, but u bet I will try that too. I had heard about rubbing alcohol years ago, I am a believer! Home remedies always the best answer. Old timers talk about them where I live all the time, if people don't listen the doctors will make a fortune when a quick home remedy will work. Thanks!


Pamela, the alcohol dries the moisture and the vinegar kills any bacteria! I also use this solution on my bloodhounds! Works like a charm :-)


Does it make you dizzy?


Just tried this and had almost instant relief! Thank you so much for sharing this, you're a lifesaver!!


How long do you leave it in your ear before you tilt to let it out?


I tried this and boy did my ear burn! Am i doing something wrong or is this normal? I used surgical spirit one tablespoon and white vinager one table spoon??


I just tried this and it has made my ear burn with not much relief. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I need something to help!


To avoid burning make sure you use Rubbing Alcohol (47% strong). If you use Surgical Spirit or ethyl alcohol or any other stronger spirit, you need to water it down first. For example, if you have surgical spirit (96-98% strong) - use two portions of vinegar, one portion of spirit and one portion of water.
Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide unless you have a lot of wax in your ears. If you do, first clean your ears (gently) with a cotton dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide, only then apply mix of vinegar and alcohol.
Keep you ears dry. If you take a bath or go for a swim, use hair dryer on low setting for about a minute to gently blow in your affected ear. This will remove any remaining moisture from ear. Then apply the above mixture.


I've tried that and it doesn't work but it did once

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