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ive had ringworm for months and i have tried everything like lotrimin af, nailpolish remover, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, jalepenos,and dr. gordshells skin cream. some of those worked for alittle but it kept coming back and spreading so my boyfriend told me to try tea tree oild and it has worked twice a day for a few weeks.

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I read that you have to mix the oil with water. Is that what you did? Or did you just leave it alone. I have it on my eyelid and I don't want it to spread. I know oil spread on the skin will it spread?


I have been suffering from ring worm for few months and it was driving me crazy. I came to this site and decided to try applying pure tea tree oil. I tried for few weeks and it gave relief, seemed to get better but then it came back again. I applied the oil on the affected area twice a day. So, I decided to mix tea tree oil with FUCICORT an anti biotic /corticosteroid cream (good for red,itchy and infected eczema).
The next day, the itch was gone. It was so wonderful. I used to wake up in middle of nite awoken by the itichness.
So go try it. After shower, rub tree tree oil over affected area. Then let it sink for a few minutes. Next apply Fucicort cream over the tea tree oil. A combination of both works for me.


I have impetigo on my face and was unsure about mixing tea tree oil with Fucicort, thank you for the suggestion very helpful. Hopefully tomorrow the itchiness will go away.

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