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Growing up I had random pimples but as I got into my 18-19s I started to break out constantly especially in my chin. I recently tried a remedy that has helped me out. I use a Mexican pomade called 'Pomada De La Campana' I would get a bit with my finger then squeezed a little bit of lime and mixed it in my palm. I would massage it into my face and leave it while I slept in the morning I would wash it off with water and pat it dry. I started to see great results. Now when I start to break out I just get my pomade and a lime and I am set.

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omg, me too! It really worked for me.


where do you get that stuff?

Helping Out

you can buy them at walgreens or any other grocery mexican store. They're really cheap like $5-$10 USD.
CAUTION: if you're going to put in on, do not go out in the sunlight as you will get sunburned with the pomade. Only do it when your going to be inside the house.

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