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HALLALUAUH !!!! I have tried a ton of remedies, Dawn dish liquid, diatomaceous earth,citrus spray, you name it, and what I have found that works is Neem Oil (mixed 1part neem oil/3 parts water). I also got all natural Peppermint oil and rubbed it on the outside of her leather collar. I have to spray her a few times a day but she's not scratching half as much as she was. They also make Neem Ointment for irritated skin, (from all her scratching). Hopes this helps others with their flea problem. Also I was told to put a small dish out on the carpet with Apple cider vinegar in it and cover it with plastic wrap with an elastic and pierce a tiny hole in it with the very sharp pencil. The fleas are attracted to it and they will go to the scent and climb inside the whole, but you have to make the puncture so small that they don't find their way back out. Eventually they will die. You have to just make sure you shut off the room to your animals or the fleas will jump all over the animals instead of heading for the dish,
and put this stuff out at night before you go to
Good Luck to All with the War On Fleas :)

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Just tried this, I put it in the bathroom walked out and literally 2 minutes later walked back in and there were around 15 fleas in the bowl, Thanks for the post!


That is curious because other people have recommended putting apple cider in the dogs water bowl to fend off the fleas icks as they hate the smell aste.


What is neem oil? I have never heard of it....


please be careful with Neem Oil. it is very bad to use around any pregnant women,dogs, cats. can cause miscarriage or infertility. Read all the cautions before using..

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