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Stop eating Dairy completely try it for two weeks and your restless legs will be gone forever, that is until your eat dairy again. Just like a peanut allergy if a person with a peanut allergy eats one peanut they react. Same thing with a restless legs person and dairy, our bodies are allergic to Casein which is in dairy. I had RLS all my life but it is now gone. But has to be completely dairy free if you are desperate enough like I was take the two week challenge and prove it to yourself. IT WORKS

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i completely agree with termination of dairy intake. i have never been a fan of milk and so ive never had a problem with RLS until recently whenn i decided to so this cereal diet with my girlfriend and i didnt even realize consuming dairy was the leading cause until i did the math. ao now i have no dairy in me im all good

Alan Freeman

I've had RLS for years and tried almost everything - two years ago tried NO-DAIRY and it worked - for about four months and then RLS returned with a venegance. I did not err in my non-dairy regimen the effects just wore off.
Now the worst time is evenings when it's time to relax - cannot sit still for more than ten minutes. All the mentioned remedies have not worked or worked only temporarily for me; the worst experience was Lyrica (prescribed by a GP) - I was in technicolor lulu land with dragons and spectral things for hours with no RLS relief. Strangely the best relief I do get is lying prone in bed with the legs, hips and shoulders under tension then a couple of hours sleep usually occurs; however stretching legs in an upright position has no effect.

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